Safety Plan

It can be hard to know what to do in a crisis. Use this safety plan to think through how you know a situation may become unsafe and what you can do to stay safe.

People I can call or message to help me

Activities I can do by myself to try to take my mind off things

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Staying Safe at School

The Safest way for me to get to and from school is:

If I need to leave the school in an emergency, I can get home safely through

I can make sure that a friend can walk with me from one class to another. I will ask

I will have lunch and spend recess periods in an area where there are school personnel or nearby teachers. These are some areas of the school where I feel safe,

I can tell this family member what is happening in my relationship.

Staying Safe at Home

I can tell this family member about what is going on in my relationship:

There may be times when no one else is home. During those moments, I can make people stay with me. I will ask:

The safest way to get out of my house in an emergency is

I will use a keyword to alert my family, friends and neighbors to ask for help if my abusive partner knows. My keyword is

Staying Safe Emotionally

My abusive partner often tries to make me feel bad about myself by saying or doing this

When he / she does this, I will think about these reasons why I know that my abuser is wrong:

If I have to leave in an emergency, I should try to go to a place that is public, safe and unknown to my abusive partner. I could go to:

I will do things that I enjoy, like

I will join clubs or organizations that interest me, such as