All About Eli

Meet Eli – the first and only chatbot co-designed by youth to help navigate and prevent teen dating violence in Honduras. Available in English and Spanish, Eli is friendly, conversational, and easy to use via WhatsApp (message +14156107758 or click here) or the ZonaSegura website (click on Eli!)

1. Who built Eli?

Eli is brought to you by the YTH Initiative of ETR, in partnership with GOJoven Honduras and the GOJoven International Program of the Public Health Institute (PHI). Our technical partners include Saviance and Websmith. Eli was made possible through funding from the Crisis Response and Prevention Initiative.

2. Is Eli a real person?

Eli is an automated friend designed to act like a good (and very knowledgeable!) friend.

3. What can I ask Eli?

You can ask Eli anything about relationships with your friends, family, or romantic partner(s). You can also ask questions on behalf of someone else who needs help. If you’re in Tegucigalpa, you can ask Eli to help you find youth-friendly services near you. For example, if you need a safe place to sleep at night, medical attention or legal support related to dating violence, Eli will help you find the closest resources to you and provide the information you need to contact them easily. And if you are in an emergency, Eli can help you connect with someone to support you right away.

4. How did you build the scripts for Eli?

Together with our technical partner Websmith, our in-country partner GOJoven Honduras (GJHN) and other youth gender-based violence (GBV) experts, we completed a series of virtual content design and prototype workshops in English and Spanish. These interactive workshops provided an opportunity to identify user profiles, find Eli’s “voice” and “personality”, select key conversational topics and design necessary features. With those concepts in place, we worked collaboratively to create the scripts, then further refine them through user-testing with Honduran youth in Tegucigalpa.

5. Is Eli only available in Spanish?

Eli is currently available in both Spanish and English. When you launch the chatbot on WhatsApp or the website, just chat with Eli in your preferred language. Due to its adaptability and scalability, Eli could be customized and localized into any language in the future.

6. Can I access Eli if I don’t have a smartphone?

You don’t need a smartphone to access Eli. You can access Eli from a desktop or laptop computer or tablet as well - any device with a connection to the internet will do. Just click the friendly chatbot icon on the homepage.

7. Why are Eli’s resources only available in Tegucigalpa, Honduras?

Eli was built to address a need for real-time, two-way support for violence prevention and crisis response, identified through an impact evaluation of the initial ZonaSegura intervention (insert hyperlink to two pager) implemented in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. So we worked with local partners in the Tegucigalpa area to identify their preferred youth-friendly services and providers for Eli to suggest. But there’s enormous potential to expand Eli’s resource section, helping youth in other parts of Honduras and across the globe access violence prevention information and support.

8. What would it take to make Eli available in another country?

Eli is eager and ready to travel to help new friends in new countries. To reach out about a potential partnerships, please email

9. How does Eli protect my privacy?

Eli takes your trust and privacy very seriously. In fact, Eli was created so that you can find answers to some of life’s most sensitive questions in a safe and protected space. See our privacy policy for more information.

10. Does Eli save our conversations?

We keep your conversations to do continuous quality improvement, making Eli even better at answering your questions, but we won’t save your name or your phone number or link those to your conversation.

11. Who do I contact if Eli is not working?

If you are experiencing technical issues, please send an email to

12. I have a suggested resource you should add to Eli. Who can I contact?

We love new resources! Please send your suggested resource to

13. I had a bad experience at a resource suggested by Eli. Who can I talk to?

We are so sorry you had a negative experience with one of our suggested resources. Please contact and we will look into the issue immediately.